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About Our School


The mission of Sherwood School is to nurture children as individuals, to empower children to reach their learning potential, and to inspire children to become active participants of a diverse community.


  • In maintaining a safe, caring, nurturing environment where diverse learners are motivated to reach their full potential academically, socially and emotionally.
  • In providing a variety of multicultural experiences to encourage children to grow beyond their immediate environment and become caring, respectful participants in society
  • In empowering and valuing each individual as a contributing member of the school community


We are proud to belong to the Sherwood community. Our community is dedicated to the promotion of social and academic growth for all of the members. Children of all abilities will thrive and develop.

We are a caring and sensitive community that teaches children to be adaptable and value diversity. We integrate technology as a valuable learning experience so our children can fully participate as global citizens.

All are committed to a learning environment that is innovative, safe and supportive. We will value and honor individual students, staff members and parents. We are all proud to be part of Sherwood School!


On September 5, 1961 Sherwood School opened. Enrolled for that first day were 292 children, in kindergarten through fourth grade, exclusively from the Sherwood Forest area. Initially, Sherwood had eleven classrooms, a school office, and a multi-purpose room. The multi-purpose room served as lunch room, gymnasium, and general meeting room.

During the 1960’s, several other residential areas within the district boundaries began developing. Attendance patterns all changed by 1966 when Sherwood expanded to include 9 classrooms, a gymnasium, a stage, a full library-learning center, conference rooms, and a teacher’s lounge. In 1965 and 1966, enrollment grew dramatically as Briarwood Vista, King’s Cove, Colony Point and fifth grade were admitted to Sherwood. In 1979, Sherwood sixth graders and students from Middle Ridge neighborhood added students to Sherwood’s attendance.

In 1985, the completion of the Deer Run development added one more neighborhood to Sherwood’s attendance area. In 1991, Deerfield Estates was developed as an additional Sherwood neighborhood.

In 1993 parents of the Deerfield neighborhoods of Sherwood’s attendance areas pursued the possibility of having their children attend school in Deerfield District 109. This eventually resulted in an intergovernmental agreement between School District 109 and 112 to allow parents a limited choice, which occurred over a two year period. As a result of four of the five neighborhoods (all but Deerfield Estates) predominantly choosing Deerfield schools, these areas were deannexed in July of 1996, although some children from all these neighborhoods continued to attend Sherwood.

Sherwood School, along with all District 108, became part of a consolidated North Shore School District 112 in the summer of 1993. In 1998 boundary changes brought additional students from North Sherwood Forest and Deerfield Place. Those changes, along with the start up of the Dual Language magnet program at Sherwood required the construction of the new addition, which was completed six months early in February, 1999.

All restrooms in the building were updated in 2006. In 2007, building improvements brought new floor tile, hallway painting, in addition to student cubbies for coats and supplies in the school hallways. Sherwood currently houses 306 students in grades K-5.

Sherwood is very unique because it has only had five principals to lead the school in its 57 years as an elementary school: Mr. Al Trevor, Mr. Paul Zavagno, Mr. Shawn Walker, Mrs. Nicole Bellini, and Mr. Shawn Tiani.

In 2011, Sherwood celebrated its 50th birthday. A week-long celebration took place in October with the students and staff. A community Open House event for current families, alumni and previous staff members took place on Saturday, October 22nd.

In 2018, North Shore School District 112 restructured some of the programming at Sherwood.  Students enrolled in the dual language program at Sherwood moved to Red Oak School, and students not enrolled in the dual language program at Red Oak moved to Sherwood School.  In addition, the STEP program previously housed at Indian Trail and the LEAP program previously housed at Ravinia were consolidated into an Individualized Learning program at Sherwood.  

2018-2019 Sherwood Facts:

Sherwood is the school home to over 380 students and 60 staff members.  It hosts three general education classes at each grade level, averaging approximately 20 students per classroom, in addition to three multiage individualized learning classrooms averaging 8 students.  Students at Sherwood participate in a variety of specials, including art, library, music and daily PE.  Students in the individualized learning classrooms attend specials with their general education peers, however they also attend weekly adaptive specials.  Sherwood also has a variety of related service personnel on staff to support our students, including speech/language pathologists, a physical therapist, an occupational therapist, school social workers, and a school psychologist.


Sherwood Elementary School
1900 Stratford Road
Highland Park, IL 60035
Attendance Line:

School Hours
8:36 a.m. to 3:13 p.m.

Mrs. Rachel Filippi

Mr. Kevin Saunders


ENROLLMENT (2018): 400

MASCOT:  Panda

COLORS:  Blue and White